Highlights from the 2010 award presentation ceremony

Congratulations to our award winners for the 2010 training year!

Cadet of the Year
CUO Shane Gauci

Most Improved Cadet
LCDT Robert Hudson

Best Cadet Drill
CCPL Benjamin Wiggins

Instructor Award
CFSGT Andrew Gray

Fieldcraft Award
CSGT Nicholas Lyon

Marksmanship Award
CCPL Markus Caines

Dux of Recruit Stage
CDT Tyler Leggett

Dux of Basic Stage
LCDT Rhys Kilian

Dux of Proficiency Stage
CCPL Markus Caines

Dux of Advanced Stage
CSGT Chloe Graetz

Commanding Officers Commendation
CUO Shane Gauci

Best wishes to CUO Shane Gauci, CCPL Douglas Pearce, LCDT Catherine Starkey and CDT James Newton who are leaving the squadron at the end of the year.