Defence Youth Safety Level 6 Training Packages

Defence Youth Safety Level 6 training includes two complimentary packages.

Target Group Package Details
Level 6: Youth (all ADF Cadets aged under 18) Focus on maximising young cadets’ awareness of their youth safety rights, responsibilities and expectations of behaviour. Equivalent to the Level 1 Awareness training for adults.
Level 6: Young Adult (all ADF Cadets aged 18-20) Focus on maximising older cadets’ awareness of their additional youth safety responsibilities as they pertain to the younger cadets. Level 1 Awareness is a prerequisite for Level 6 Young Adult.

This is mandatory training, accessible online in CadetNet.
New cadets enrolled this month must complete the Youth package no later than 15 Sep 17.
All other cadets must complete the relevant package for their age group by 30 Oct 17.
Each package should take less than 30 minutes to complete.
Cadets who are unable to complete the training at home can complete it at the Squadron during parade nights.

To access the training:

  • Log in to CadetNet using your CadetOne (C1) credentials, ie your AAFC service number and your C1 password
  • Hover over the box icon in the top right corner and click ELEARNING
  • Click “Defence Youth Safety Framework Level 6 Preview”
  • Select the relevant package for your age group
  • Click the “Enter” button to start the training