Farewell SGT(AAFC) Klaus

SGT(AAFC) Dave Klaus was enlisted into the RAAF on 02 Jul 13 at Defence Force Recruiting Centre, Wollongong. Present at the ceremony were his parents and FLTLT(AAFC) Sperring, representing 314 Squadron.

News: Staff Appointment

314 Squadron congratulates AC(AAFC) Gray, who was appointed as an Instructor of Cadets WEF 01 Jun 13.

News: Staff Posting

314 Squadron welcomes FLTLT(AAFC) Sperring, who was posted to the squadron WEF 27 May 13.

News: Staff Appointment

314 Squadron welcomes CPL Polsson, who was appointed as an ADF Support instructor WEF 21 May 13.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb 06 Apr 13

Group 1 (1305)

L-R: CDT Steven Grant, Mr Jason Grant, CDT Brody Taylor, CDT Tyson Poort, CDT Tyler James-Greening, LCDT Benjamin Hopkins, CDT Noah Barden, CCPL Adam Dalmazzo, CDT David McMahon, FLGOFF(AAFC) Paul Barrett
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Group 2 (1315)

News: Staff Promotion

Congratulations to SGT(AAFC) Klaus, who was promoted WEF 01 Jan 13!

News: Gliding Achievement

Congratulations to CCPL Bailey, who completed his first 1 hour glider flight during the Cross Country Course at Lake Keepit Soaring Club last week.

News: Gliding Course Award

Congratulations to CDT Pivovarski, who received the Chief Inspector Henry Levy Award, Best Cadet on Course for 7/12 Gliding Training Course. Well done Patrick!

Highlights from the 2012 presentation of awards

Congratulations to our award winners for the 2012 training year!

Commanding Officer's Commendation
CUO Nicholas Lyon

Cadet of the Year
CUO Nicholas Lyon

Instructor Award
CCPL Tyler Leggett

Best Cadet Drill
CSGT Jonathan Greaves

Aviation Award
CCPL Liam Bailey

Rifle Shooting Award
LCDT Brendan Ellis

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