News: Staff Promotion

Congratulations to LAC(AAFC) Lennon, who was reclassified WEF today!

Don't forget to update your PH299 and have it signed

For those CDTs who attended the bivouac, here's what you should enter on page 8 (Record of Courses, Annual Camps and Bivouacs) of your PH299:
Type of activity: Bivouac 1/12
Dates: 15-16 Sep 12
Location: Yalwal
Level of involvement: Student

You can then ask CUO Lyon, or one of the staff who attended the bivouac, to sign the Supervisor's endorsement column.

News: Cadet Promotion

Congratulations to CSGT Greaves, who was promoted WEF 24 Jul 12!

SKA3 - Organisation of the AAFC

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News: Cadet Qualification

Congratulations to CUO Lyon, who has met the competencies of Certificate III in Business which is a nationally recognised qualification issued by Kangan Institute. This qualification is available to cadets who completed a CUO or CWOFF course before 01 Jan 12 and are still enrolled, and cadets who complete a CUO or CWOFF course from 01 Jan 12 onwards.

News: Cadet Promotion

Congratulations to CFSGT Caines, who was promoted WEF 20 Mar 12!

News: Staff Promotion

Congratulations to CPL(AAFC) Jackson, who was promoted WEF 01 Mar 12!

Open letter to cadets and staff of 314 Squadron

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SKA Assignment

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News: Cadet Promotions

Congratulations to the following cadets, who were promoted WEF 29 Jan 11:
CUO Chloe Graetz
CUO Nicholas Lyon
CSGT Markus Caines

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